Liv Ullmann’s Film Premiered In Oslo, Indian Team Gets Standing Ovation

Resul Pookutty with Liv Ullmann in Oslo
Resul Pookutty with Liv Ullmann in Oslo

Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty is just back from Oslo from the premiere of Liv & Ingmar in which he is one of the prime architects.

So moved was the legendary Scandinavian actress Liv Ullmann by Resul’s dedication to realizing her dream that she acknowledged him as her son in public.

Resul, however, couldn’t attend the film’s New York premiere. His hands are currently filled with three projects. “I had to skip the New York premiere of Liv & Ingmar because I had to rush back to finish the sound mixing of English Vinglish. I grew up adoring and hero-worshipping Sridevi. To be closely associated with her comeback is a dream-come-true for me.”

Resul is just back from Oslo, excited about the premiere of Liv & Ingmar. “Though it is a documentary it has been released across Scandinavia like any big film. I am hoping to get it released in India too, even if only for a limited run. Let’s face it, Ingmar Bergman is not as big in these parts as he is in Europe.”

Resul modestly admits that his participation in Liv & Ingmar was a first for an Indian technician in European cinema. “It has opened a completely new window in the West for Indian cinema and technicians. My proudest moment was after the after-party following the premiere when Liv said if I’d have her as a mother. I was deeply moved.”

Legendary Scandinavian actress Liv Ullman who shares vivid glimpses of her life with the celebrated filmmaker Ingmar Berman in the documentary called the director Dheeraj Akolkar, editor Tushar Ghogale and sound designer Resul Pookutty on stage after the film and acknowledged that the film, her life’s dream project, would not have been possible without the Indian crew.

But will the film get a theatrical release in India?

That’s the question which haunts not just the film’s Indian director, editor and sound designer but also Liv who is very keen that her film be screened in this part of the world.

The problem is, Liv & Ingmar is a documentary film. And documentaries don’t get a theatrical release in India, or for that matter in any part of the world.

Says Resul, “I don’t know what the future of the film is in India. But I do know that the director Dheeraj and I are very proud of what we’ve achieved in the film. People who’ve seen it say it’s not a story of two celebrated film people but of two human beings desperately in love. It opened in New York this week. It releases in Brazil next week. As for India, I have my fingers crossed.”

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