Low-cost movie advertising agency launched in LA


MUMBAI: HIGH, a new movie-advertising agency has launched in Los Angeles. Specialising in providing key art (movie posters), taglines and online media at affordable prices; HIGH aims to provide studio-quality key art to filmmakers without studio-size budgets.

Uba, an award-winning copywriter from London, who has worked for global advertising agencies such as D’Arcy/DMB&B (London) and TBWA/Chiat/Day (Los Angeles), is partnering up with Art Sims, a veteran Hollywood creative director responsible for producing the majority of Spike Lee’s key art, to form this exciting new shop.

Uba said, "There is a very clear distinction in the quality of artwork, online media and collateral material between movies with small budgets and Hollywood blockbusters. Art and I have spent 22 and 12 years, respectively, working in general market advertising and movie advertising, creating award-winning key art, taglines and campaigns, for major movies and products. We feel it’s time that all filmmakers, in particular those with lower budgets, have access to studio-quality advertising and marketing."

"Currently many ‘non-studio’ filmmakers resort to sourcing their key art from either expensive boutique shops or from cheap and inexperienced graphic designers on Craigslist. HIGH will offer an attractive alternative – a quality service and award winning creativity at a price point that is both reasonable and affordable. Our aim is to become the leading shop for smaller filmmakers," he added.

Sims said, "Just like a movie, you don’t need to chuck money at a one-sheet, to make it great. You just need somebody talented; who can do a lot with limited budgets; that’s HIGH’s philosophy."