Mediavision selects SmartJog for content delivery to theaters


MUMBAI: French advertising company Mediavision has signed an agreement with SmartJog for the electronic distribution of cinema advertising pre-show content to movie theaters.

The integration of the SmartJog technology within the Mediavision workflow automates the electronic delivery of advertising content directly to digitally equipped theaters.

In the theaters, the SmartJog technology platform can be integrated with the Theater Management Systems and digital cinema playback servers to automatically upload play lists and advertising content mastered in digital cinema format (DCP) and retrieve as-run logs.

“We are excited to provide Mediavision with a file-based delivery system and value-added integration features, which provides greater flexibility while optimizing coordination of advertising campaigns,” says SmartJog Theatrical Sales director Nicolas Dussert

Mediavision general manager Eric Jourdan adds, “This initiative is part of the digital plan led by our parent company, Medias & Regies Europe. The choice of going digital in addition to our partnership with SmartJog, will result in time efficiency and a greater flexibility for the programming of advertising campaigns as well as the highest image quality possible with no alteration over time.”