Meebo inks partnerships with music industry players


Mumbai: Meebo has inked revenue and marketing partnerships with DashGo, Nettwerk Music Group, Sparkart, and Wind-up Records who represent artists such as Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, The Killers, Seether, Tim McGraw, Thriving Ivory, and Weezer.

Meebo will share revenue generated from integrated advertising – called SparkAds – with these partners as well as others embedding Meebo Rooms into their sites. Over 700,000 Meebo Rooms have been created by users and partners since Meebo Rooms launched in May 2007.

"DashGo, Nettwerk Music Group, Sparkart, and Wind-up Records represent the forefront of innovation in the music industry – companies that are succeeding with new revenue streams and distribution models," said Meebo business vice president Martin Green. "Meebo provides our partners with live community while increasing both engagement and revenue."

Meebo’s partnerships with tier-one record labels and artist management firms will help brand advertisers run engaging campaigns on artists’ Meebo Rooms, targeting their fan base. The result is that advertisers can scale reach into the Web’s most influential tastemakers and mavens of popular music across a variety of genres.

"As Thriving Ivory continues to build momentum this summer, we are looking forward to helping the band communicate in real-time with fans," said Digital Platforms Group, Wind-up Records vice president Ed Kiang. "Meebo is quickly becoming the brand that’s synonymous with live communication on the Web."

"Creating compelling online experiences for music fans is of paramount importance to Sparkart and the artists we represent," said Sparkart CEO Naveen Jain. "Meebo Rooms help increase engagement and provide an additional revenue stream for our artists."

"We’re looking forward to using Meebo’s technology to power communication between fans, giving these individuals the opportunity to connect with other loyal fans about their favorite artists," said Nettwerk Music Group digital marketing Brian Popowitz.