Mel Gibson’s Meltdown Written in the Stars

Miami,FL: According to celebrity Astrologers Angelo Merlino and Lisa Sydney, Mel Gibson’s recent drunken rampage could have been sparked
by planetary positions. Unfortunately, for Mel Gibson, Mercury the planet of communications was in its reverse mode on
July 28th causing its infamous breakdowns, mix-ups and discord in the universe.

It appears that Gibson was casualty of the dreaded Mercury Retrograde. “A double whammy occurred at the precise time of his DUI, as the sign Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury was on the rise and the force behind his wheels”, state Merlino and Sydney. Gibson’s astrological chart reveals a conflicted soul.

The astrologers go on to explain that Mel Gibson is a traditional Capricorn native with a nurturing, sensitive Cancer ascendant ruled by a moon in Libra. This causes him to seek balance and harmony. His Venus is in the sign of Aquarius along with Chiron, the healer, makes him a crusader and a man with a mission.

However, with the good comes the bad — the intensity of an explosive Pluto makes a powerful aspect to his passionate Mars as he pushes the cosmic envelope triggering the influence of Neptune, the planet of drugs and alcohol, in his astrological chart.

This cosmic combination can rattle his otherwise sound foundation.
The repercussions will be felt around the world as it haunts Mel Gibson’s wounded public persona. Opportunity for him to redeem himself comes in 3 months from now just in time for Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday of atonement.

Mel, you did Passion of Christ now it time to do The 10 Commandments! Renowned astrologer Angelo Merlino has counseled thousands of notable individuals. His client list includes leaders from the arts, fashion, medical and legal professions. He has also participated in various television and radio shows, not to mention numerous newspaper and magazine columns.

He is based in Miami and has offices in Chicago and New
York. Lisa Sydney is a nationally recognized astrologer with numerous television, magazine and radio credits to
her name. She began her study of astrology in 1971, in Asia.

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