MGM to release Barbra Streisand’s musical odyssey on DVD


MUMBAI: MGM Home Entertainment will be releasing Barbra Streisand’s Yentl on DVD. In turn of the century Eastern Europe, a Jewish girl disguises herself as a boy in order to pursue a religious education in Yentl, available on DVD for the first time from 3 February and timed to the films 25th Anniversary.

Starring multiple award winner Barbra Streisand, Golden Globe nominee Mandy Patinkin and Amy Irving in her Academy Award-nominated role, Yentl is based on a play by Leah Napolin and Isaac Bashevis Singer’s original short story Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy.

When Yentl’s (Streisand) father (played by Nehemiah Persoff), who secretly tutored her throughout her childhood in the Talmud – the primary source of Jewish religion law – dies, she faces a life of female drudgery with no hope of continuing her studies.  Frustrated by her feminine destiny, feisty Yentl transforms herself into looking like a boy, renames herself Anshel, and heads for the nearest Talmudic academy where she hopes to pass as a male student.  There she falls in love with fellow student Avigdor (Patinkin), who in turn is in love with Hadass (Irving).  After numerous complications ensue, Yentl, determined to get what she wants, leaves Europe for America to pursue her dream of serious study without needing to hide her identity as a woman.

Incorporating humor and music to relate Yentl’s journey, the film won an Academy Award in 1984 for best original score and received four Oscar nominations including Amy Irving for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Art Direction/Set Direction, and Best Original Songs including Papa, Can You Hear Me? and The Way He Makes Me Feel, both sung by Streisand.  
Additional accolades include two Golden Globe award wins and four nominations, and a Grammy Award nomination for Best Album of Instrumental Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special.

The Yentl Extended Director’s Edition Two-Disc DVD set includes never before seen bonus features such as Barbra Streisand’s Original Concept Reel, rehearsal/final film comparisons, storyboard montages for musical numbers and deleted scenes and will be available for $29.98.