MK2 International to produce documentary on illegal downloads – Hackonomics


MUMBAI: MK2 International will be producing a documentary on illegal movie downloads titled Hackonomics, which will be directed by Etienne Rouillon.


The documentary is currently in development and is set to go into production in the second half of 2010.


Hackonomics will cover the history of web pirates, from Napster to Pirate Bay, as well as the current state of affairs.


Some of the questions the documentary will aim to answer are: What if web pirates had never existed and what would the internet look like? These questions are relevant in a time where internet users everywhere have, actively or passively, come in contact with the act of pirating.


Hackonomics will tell the stories of the many web battles fought by people who have made an impact on the current state of the internet, from both sides of the law.