Mobio launches Mobile Movie Times

MUMBAI: Mobio Networks has made available Mobile Movie Times, the first mobile application that enables moviegoers to find local movie details and buy tickets on their handsets in three clicks or less. The free service launch is in conjunction with Universal Picture’s 17 November release of Let’s Go To Prison.


Mobile Movie Times takes the hassle out of watching new films by mashing up the Web services needed to get movie listings, reviews, maps and buy tickets by phone. Users can search, purchase and have their tickets ready and waiting for them when they arrive at the theater. Mobile Movie Tickets is the first movie application that gives individuals the “tastiest bits of the Web” in three clicks or less — with minimal to no data entry required.


“Most mobile services are clumsy and counterintuitive because they aren’t built to recognize the individual’s personal preferences or location. We’ve developed a highly personalized user experience that is tailored to the individual’s tastes, demographic and geographic information. Unlike other mobile services, Mobile Movie Times feels like it knows the user,” said Mobio Networks founder and CEO Ramneek Bhasin.


Mobile Movie Times is powered by a proprietary technology called Context Synchronized Start (XSS) that imbeds users’ preferences, so that when they launch the application only the pertinent information is displayed based on their profile. XSS also automatically delivers synchronized information based on highly relevant factors such as time of day and the user’s location.

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