modu, Universal Music to rock music phones


MUMBAI: modu and Universal Music Group (UMG) are jointly exploring the development of a range of mobile devices (modu jackets) that will feature some of UMG’s best-known artists. modu is a breakthrough concept that enables a larger than ever variety of uniquely designed music devices, enhancing the user-artist interaction.
UMG is the first music company to exploit modu’s unique and revolutionary mobile phone concept, which allows consumers to use a slimmed down, standalone mobile phone, and then enclose it in an endless variety of modu jackets and modu mates to reflect their individual mood, personality, tastes and need for functionality at an affordable price.
The jackets, designed with unique, artist specific attributes, will have differentiated physical expressions as well as fast and simple access to preloaded content andor music subscriptions.
The first music jacket is expected to be available towards the end of 2008, when modu’s mobile network operator partnerships become operational and modu devices are available to consumers.
modu vice president of value added products Jacob Shama said, “This is new territory for the mobile industry, and for the music industry. Music jackets incorporate mobile phone features along with strong artist identity and music content. Music jackets can be offered in very large varieties at affordable prices. I am excited to see how modu opens up the mobile market to labels, artists, bands, lifestyle and fashion brands giving them a solid platform to engage directly in a tangible way with their consumer base and communities.”
UMG International senior vice president, digital Rob Wells said, “What modu have done is incredible. Their revolutionary platform has opened up mobile phones to new music products and services that simply didn’t exist before modu came along. UMG takes the mobile channel seriously, and our strategic partnership with modu reflects the potential we see in this dynamic and exciting market.”