MPA announces outreach activities for world IP Day

Mumbai: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) announced a slew of special events and programs including the launch of a new anti-piracy trailer, movie premieres and movie marathon as part of its week-long outreach efforts to mark World IP Day on 26 April.
World IP Day is an initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has been celebrated annually on 26 April since its inception in 2001. The day is primarily a chance to reflect on the importance of human innovation and celebrate the important role that IP plays in our daily lives.
MPA joins the WIPO and Intellectual Property Offices in region this year in recognizing the link between intellectual property and creativity under the theme – celebrating innovation and promoting respect for intellectual property.
"As an organization that places the creativity and innovative vision of artists on screen at the heart of its philosophy, it is important for the MPA to be involved in this initiative to respect intellectual property," said MPA president and managing director Asia Pacific Mike Ellis.
"For us at MPA, World IP Day is about raising awareness about the damage that piracy can do to the movie industry and all the people who work in the industry. We are doing all we can as a public service to inculcate respect for the creative works of artists," he added.
The occasion will be marked by a the launch of a new anti-piracy trailer What are You Really Burning? in five countries – China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand – with plans for further rollout region-wide later in the year.
These trailers were produced in collaboration with the respective local film industries and challenge locals to consider the question—what are you really burning?—before they burn, buy or download pirated films.
Working together with local government agencies, IP offices, theatrical representatives and movie exhibitors, movie premieres will be a highlight of this project in most countries. Free tickets will be given out to those willing to pledge that they will support the film industry by only watching and buying original.
"We would like to reward conscientious members of the public who say no to piracy a chance to enjoy these films, while sparing a thought to all the people and industries affected when pirated discs are purchased or pirated content downloaded and used," Ellis added.

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