MPA debates content protection mechanisms for digital TV


Mumbai: Motion Picture Association antipiracy director Márcio Gonçalves will advocate for the implantation of mechanisms to protect against the unauthorized redistribution of digital TV content in Brasília on 8 July.

"Free, open broadcasting won’t be viable as a means of distribution unless the transition to digital TV is accompanied by a solution that impedes the unauthorized redistribution of the content on the Internet," says Márcio Gonçalves.

The initiative for the public hearing came from congressman José Rocha (PR/BA), reporting judge on bill PL 6.915/2006, which deals with the implantation of digital technologies in Brazilian broadcasting and proposes the implantation of anti-copying mechanisms.

In the original text of the bill, the drafter, Congressman Eduardo Sciarra (DEM/PR), suggests that Brazil’s national telecommunications agency, ANATEL, technically establish the rules "against illicit copying and piracy." Sciarra also proposed that copying be punished in accordance with copyright law.
Other confirmed speakers will include representatives from the Ministry of Culture; the broadcast television sector; Brazil’s foremost consumer protection group; the Digital TV Forum, and the University of Brasilia.