MPAA CEO Dan Glickman to address National Press Club


Mumbai: Motion Picture Association of America chairman and CEO Dan Glickman will give a speech at a National Press Club luncheon on 28 April entitled ‘Trading Up: Movies and the Global Marketplace’.
Glickman, 63, who represents Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Paramount Pictures; Sony Pictures Entertainment; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation; Universal City Studios LLLP; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. in Washington, will discuss why, in the era of MySpace, YouTube and the next new thing, movies continue to play a central role in our modern and increasingly (dis)connected lives in the US and around the world.
Glickman will make his case for why movies and the global marketplace matter more than ever to our nation’s economy, American-style democracy and the collective future of our connected world.
The former Kansas Congressman and Agriculture Secretary has said in recent months that the movie industry remains healthy during this economic downturn. Still, the motion picture, home video and TV industries that he represents are facing challenges from the slowing economy, the credit crunch and globalization.
While promoting trade, Glickman has also been leading the fight against film piracy in China and the theft of copyrighted materials.