MPAA hosts internet entertainment workshop


MUMBAI: The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) and the University of California system brought nearly 200 representatives of the higher education, technology and entertainment communities together for the first time to discuss online entertainment and the opportunities, challenges and solutions each group faces in the digital world.


“The Internet provides extraordinary opportunities for the entertainment industry, as well as the education and technology communities. As we all strive to meet the challenges of the digital age with solutions that protect our industries and benefit consumers, education must be a central component of our collective future,” said MPAA chairman and CEO Dan Glickman.


The workshop titled, The Expanding Universe of Internet Entertainment included four panel discussions moderated by outside experts from media, technology and academia. Glickman noted that the objective is to engage university leaders, entertainment executives, artists, consumers, technology companies and experts in conversations about the Internet and entertainment. Panels included discussions of social networking, consumption in the digital age, new technologies that enable more consumer choice and frameworks for collaboration among universities and the entertainment community.


“The Internet is a tremendous tool in educating the next generation of students, scientists, teachers and leaders and in performing critical research that allows California to remain innovative and competitive. Since University of California students learn, socialize and communicate via the Web, and our faculty conduct their research in, and in some cases about, the digital world, we are pleased to explore with the Motion Picture Association of America evolving digital content delivery models and related technologies to better serve our community,” said University of California system associate vice president and chief information officer Kristine Hafner.


“Ongoing dialogue among the higher education, technology and entertainment communities is essential. We continue to educate our students about responsible behavior on the Web, but they need help navigating the complex world of digital copyright. We firmly believe that easier and better digital delivery models will help,” he added.


Senior Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer of the MPAA Dean Garfield who also spoke at the event said that the industry embraces delivery methods that open up new choices for consumers as long as they support viable business models and prevent unauthorized exploitation.