MTV, Paramount, Dickhouse launch Jackass internationally


MUMBAI: On the heels of the successful US release, MTV Networks International, Paramount Digital Entertainment, both part of Viacom Inc. and Dickhouse Productions announced the international roll-out of, a new online community for the Jackass franchise and Jackass 2.5. Jackass 2.5 is the first ever studio- backed feature film to premiere and be streamed in its entirety online.

Jackass 2.5 will be available online at and on DVD. Rolling out first on 12 March in the UK, Italy and Spain, the film and website will debut region by region in eight other territories including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, and Nordic in the days and months to follow.

A joint venture between MTV and Dickhouse Productions, is a single global destination for all Jackass content, dynamically localized for all participating regions. Available in over 30 languages, is the definitive place where fans can unite with each other, as well as interact with the Jackass cast and crew. will feature all three seasons of the Jackass and Wildboyz series, all new and original programming with the cast, editorial features, webisodes, never-before-seen footage, contests, nonsense and other scatological trivialities. Additionally, the site will feature mobile applications, games and a Jackass-take on emerging new media and social networking technologies.

"The hilarious and cringe-inducing antics of the Jackass phenomenon transcend audiences and languages across the globe and in response to this, we’re intent on constantly creating original new content everywhere our audience is," said MTV Networks International senior vice president Gideon Bierer.

"The Jackassworld community engages and connects these audiences worldwide with a deeper experience, allowing fans to relive favorite moments, explore behind-the-scenes footage and unprecedented access to the cast."

Available on the Jackassworld community, Jackass 2.5 is every bit as unbelievable as the preceding movies, combining stunts, pranks and all new lows. Created by MTV New Media and Paramount Digital Entertainment, Jackass 2.5 includes never-before-seen footage and interviews and features long- standing cast members Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Steve-O, Ehren McGhehey, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Preston Lacy and Ryan Dunn.

In just over two months, fans have watched nearly 4.5MM behind-the-scenes, archival and user-generated videos on, while streams of Jackass 2.5 have fast approached the 3MM mark. The site also is proving to be deeply engaging: the average viewer spends nearly 11 minutes on the site at a time and initiates nearly five video streams per session.

"We are incredibly pleased with the way US audiences have received Jackass 2.5 since its online premiere," states Paramount Digital Entertainment executive vice president and general manager worldwide digital distribution Alex Carloss. "We now are looking forward to rolling out this one-of-a-kind digital property to the rest of the world."

"When we set out to make jackass number two, we made more than a movie – we made almost two movies. All the guys were so red hot, we just couldn’t stop filming," said Jackass producer and co-creator Jeff Tremaine. "Now with Jackass 2.5, we finally have a great way to release the rest of this movie-worthy footage."