MySpace launches Profile 2.0 to enable user creativity & control


Mumbai: has launched Profile 2.0, the next step in the iterative global site redesign, enabling millions of users to opt-in and customize the appearance of their profiles using an innovative new drag-and-drop user interface.  Profile 2.0 builds on MySpace’s existing framework and integrates a new friend categorization functionality to offer even deeper levels of creativity and control for users.

"Profile 2.0 is everything users have been asking for. You can now make your profile look different to different groups of friends. It gives users the privacy and customization they want," said MySpace president and co-founder Tom Anderson.
In keeping with MySpace’s long standing commitment to providing the best user experience during new product updates, all changes will be completely opt-in and were first beta tested with users in Canada along with online surveys, impromptu testing, focus groups, in-home usability studies and user’s messages and comments sent to Tom’s profile. Users will be offered the new profile, but have the option of keeping their current profile including any CSS functionality they have added.

This announcement marks the next wave of MySpace’s global redesign initiative launched last year and comes only months after a new splash page and navigation redesign. It follows multiple milestones for MySpace including surpassing Yahoo! to become the top publisher of online display advertising in the U.S., accounting for 15.9% of all display ads viewed in June and hitting an all-time high with domestic unique users and engagement in August according to comScore; seeing approximately 75 million users domestically and 122 million worldwide unique users.