Napster inks deal with CornerWorld Corp


MUMBAI: CornerWorld Corp. announced that in preparation for its web site debut, it has finalized a distribution agreement with Napster, Inc., in order to amplify its independent artists’ exposure to audiences worldwide.

CornerWorld – a business management and social networking destination focused on the promotion and secure distribution of content from original, independent and professional creators – enables artists and individuals to control how their content is downloaded, sampled, and priced to others. By distributing with Napster, where members can search, preview, purchase and subscribe to music from virtually all record labels, CornerWorld allows its content creators seamless access to Napster’s significant and ever-expanding worldwide user base.

According to the terms of the contract, CornerWorld will grant Napster the non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute original content from CornerWorld as a part of their subscription service and digital music store. CornerWorld members will opt-in to Napster for distribution and to enhance their exposure via Napster’s network.

“CornerWorld is the place where professional and amateur creators alike can express themselves in a secure, trusted environment. We are committed to forming alliances with best-of-breed companies, like Napster, so our members can achieve the greatest exposure to true and new audiences, and profit from their original work,” said CornerWorld CEO Scott Beck.