NBC chooses Mediaport for CES display


MUMBAI: The NBC Agency, advertising agency for the NBC network, has tied up with Mediaport to create the hardware and software solutions required for NBC’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) display. Mediaport will be providing both the kiosks and digital software solutions to power the NBC Digital content portion of their 2008 CES display in January.

The NBC Agency executive vice-president, on-air advertising east coast & MSNBC Frank Radice said, “Mediaport is helping us reach out to the digital savvy community. The company’s media-on-demand kiosks are providing the perfect channel for us to reach and influence new target markets.”

All CES attendees will be able to download popular NBC programs such as 30 Rock, Project Runway and 12 Corazones from one of the many Mediaport kiosks that will be located throughout NBC Universal’s CES booth.