NEC unveils new projector in anticipation of Disney Pixar’s Up


MUMBAI: NEC Corporation of America unveiled the new NEC NC2500S-A digital cinema projector. As Hollywood studios begin requiring a higher level of brightness for 3D movie releases, NEC is the only provider to offer all pre-existing customers this new feature in their current models with a simple upgrade. The world-renowned Ziegfeld Theatre will be among the first of NEC’s customers to embrace these new projectors.

The NEC NC2500S-A’s new technical enhancement allows 3D content to utilize the full 2K resolution of the 1.2" DMD from Texas Instruments using triple flash technology for smooth motion. With an increase in resolution and brightness of up to 33 percent, compared to previous generations, the boost in performance means a greater viewing experience for theatergoers.

"We are pleased that Clearview’s legendary Ziegfeld Theatre will be one of the first theatres to install NEC’s new digital cinema projectors-which will debut in time for the opening of Disney’s latest 3D release, Up. Clearview is committed to providing moviegoers with the best viewing experience and the stunning image quality produced by NEC’s projectors is another way for us to do just that," said Clearview Cinemas senior vice president and general manager Doug Oines.

The exhibitors can now display content on larger screens to bigger audiences than ever before. Current NEC DLP cinema projector customers will be able to make this upgrade easily and in the field. NEC is offering this service to customers through both NEC factory engineers or through factory training provided to the exhibitor and independent service engineers, allowing for a flexible transition to the new NEC NC2500S-A projector. All digital cinema 3D technologies will benefit from this upgrade.

"NEC continues to push the limits of its digital cinema technology with the continued promise to provide theater owners and their patrons with the very best on-screen image. Placing the first production models in one of the most prestigious screening theatres in the country was a given for us, and we are so pleased with the reaction from their senior executives and are excited to bring theater goers an even better viewing experience," said NEC Corporation of America general manager, digital cinema division Jim Reisteter.