New documentary blows the cover off the Iraq War’s untold story

Shadow Company, a groundbreaking feature-length documentary, gives audiences unprecedented access to the hidden world of modern day mercenaries, and the significant role they play in Iraq and other global conflicts. A two-minute trailer of the film, posted in early 2006 has already been download over 1 million times.

Numerous film festival screenings have resulted in rave reviews and lengthy post screening discussions.The film is generating debate at the highest echelons of power in Hollywood and Washington DC.”Shadow Company is a must-see film for anyone who is concerned about our military and our security being privatised.” stressed Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), after a recent on Capitol Hill coordinated by Senator Edward Kennedy.

First time director Nick Bicanic traveled to four continents to deliver a balanced and unflinching look at the men and the companies behind the phenomenon of the modern day mercenary.Edward Zwick, who used Shadow Company as part of the inspiration for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in his upcoming feature length film The Blood Diamond raves “In addition to being extremely well-executed, I thought its even-handed tone was particularly sophisticated – encouraging an audience to consider the complexity of the issue, rather than the more exploitative depictions with which the subject is usually treated.””I made this film to show the true story of soldiers for hire. Who they are, what they do and why” added Bicanic. “I discovered along the way that the rules of war have changed.” The trailer for Shadow Company can be viewed at

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