New sustainability standard developed for UK film industry


MUMBAI: The UK Film Council and BSI, together with representatives from different parts of the UK film industry, are developing a new British Standard that will set out the requirements for improving the sustainability of the UK film industry. The standard will focus on the industry’s environmental as well as its wider social and economic impacts.

The standard, BS 8909, will be drafted by a committee of experts comprising representatives from interest groups including production, distribution, archives, facilities, sales and exhibition as well as the UK Film Council, BSI and experts in the field of sustainability. Other interested bodies, both in the UK and internationally, will be invited to comment on the standard while it is being drafted. Once the drafting of the standard has been completed towards the end of 2010, BS 8909 will go through a period of public comment when it will be made available on BSI’s Drafts Review website.

Adherence to British standards is voluntary. They are best practice documents agreed by experts in the field. As well as being widely used within the UK, they are used by many organizations around the world. BS 8909 will be a management system that can be adopted by all parts of the film industry. Those who implement the standard will be able to choose either to claim compliance themselves or through third party certification.

UK Film Council chief executive officer John Woodward said: "Our objective is to help ensure that the UK leads the world in this area. Apart from all the obvious reasons for going green, it’s clear that if the UK film industry can become a leader in sustainability then we will have a real competitive advantage internationally for years to come."

BSI Standards director Mike Low said, "This development shows the lead role that the UK has in the world of sustainability and building for the future. It is a tribute to the UK Film Council and the whole film industry that they are seeking ways to raise the bar in their performance. BSI is excited and delighted to be supporting this work with a standard that will provide a robust vehicle for organizations to work to."