New talent breaks into film with UK Film Council’s development fund


Mumbai: Artists, authors and playwrights are being funded to develop new films by the UK Film Council’s Development Fund programme for new and emerging filmmakers.

These most recent First Feature Film Development awards support new films being developed by talent from across the UK with a rich and diverse range of perspectives on storytelling as part of the Development Fund’s strategy to broaden the quality, range and ambition of film projects being developed in the UK.

Filmmakers of all experience levels can be funded to develop their ideas and screenplays into viable feature films. These awards are for emerging filmmakers who may not yet had a feature film released theatrically or broadcast on UK television.

Development Fund head Tanya Seghatchian said, "It’s always exciting to be involved in the conception of a film, but to be on board from the very start of a new filmmaker’s career is a true privilege. The breadth of talent that we are supporting through this programme is genuinely exciting and we hope that nurturing these great new voices will be the key for the enrichment of our industry."

The Development Fund’s First Feature Film Development Programme makes awards four times a year and receives on average 70 applications per month.