Nokia, Spike Lee partner to create world’s first social film

Mumbai: Nokia announced an exciting multimedia film production with Academy Award nominated director Spike Lee. Nokia Productions will create the world’s first social film built entirely by everyday people using their mobile devices to generate and submit original content which will then be combined into one artistic multimedia film created by Spike Lee.
"The future of filmmaking is changing and mobile-generated art is fast becoming the next medium for film. In five years, I believe we will be watching films in movie theaters that have been shot on a mobile phone," said Lee.
"Today, with state-of-the-art multimedia devices like what Nokia has to offer, you are seeing first hand the democratization of film. Aspiring filmmakers no longer have to go to film school to make great work. With a simple mobile phone, almost anyone can now become a filmmaker," he added.
The program will evolve around a central theme of humanity, specifically the way music tells the story of humanity. The film will consist of three acts each of which will include an "assignment" for participants which Lee will announce throughout the program.
To participate in Nokia Productions, consumers can submit their original content consisting of any combination of text, music, video or images during certain time periods between now through 21 August at

Each act of the production will last for four weeks. Spike Lee will direct the collaboration digitally from the Web site, guiding and critiquing creative submissions throughout the production. There will also be online assistant directors that will personally help participants revise their entries and then repost for consideration.
After each act closes, Nokia will choose the Top 25 submissions, and visitors will vote for their favorite submission creating the Top 10 from which Spike Lee will then choose the winning submission from each act to be integrated into the final film. Five randomly selected contestants from each act will win a Nokia N95 and the opportunity to travel to the film’s premier in Los Angeles and meet Lee.
There will also be weekly giveaways including a new Nokia device and free music download cards.
"Nokia is excited about connecting people through this first of its kind social experience," said Nokia North America vice president of marketing Craig Coffey. "With Nokia technology now enabling anyone to collaborate, share and explore in order to participate in something larger than themselves opens up a world of possibilities. We encourage everyone to join with Nokia and Spike Lee to create the world’s first social film production."
The final collaborative film containing the three winners’ submissions along with other contributed content, will premiere this fall at the soon to open Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

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