Novatunes launches new artists for music fans


MUMBAI: NovaTunes (, a Venice, California-based Internet label, has opened for business featuring its unique platform to promote, distribute and sell music in a high-quality digital album format to a worldwide audience of music fans. NovaTunes has created an exciting new and easy way for music fans to discover new artists and buy the music they like. Music icon Graham Nash, who has joined the company’s Board of Advisors, thinks the NovaTunes model is the future of the music business.


NovaTunes launches with a carefully selected roster of 50 artists in the singer-songwriter and guitar rock genres. The company has developed a business model that brings together the fan bases for all artists, both ‘world famous’ and ‘up and coming’. Starting in March, NovaTunes will release music from new artists each week. Music fans can listen to entire albums of all the artists on NovaTunes and if they like what they hear, purchase music directly from the artist pages. To begin the discovery of new music, NovaTunes gives away two sample albums with a total of 24 songs from 24 artists to each new user of the site.


The music on NovaTunes is sold in a new digital album format called the “DP” (a “Download Pack” with music tracks, printable artwork and often an iPod ready video). Most of the DPs sell for $7. The music is available in five different high quality formats: 192 and 320 kbps AAC/MP3 as well as in WAV-format, all for one low price. NovaTunes downloads are DRM-free and thus playable on any computer, MP3 player or iPod.


“NovaTunes is built on respect for the artist and for the music fan,” says founder Hans Veldhuizen. “We strongly believe there are people out there who are willing to support the artists they like and pay for music, provided that it’s reasonably priced, easy to download and comes without any annoying restrictions.”


NovaTunes will host a free Launch Concert at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood on February 28th. The showcase will feature several artists whose music is available on NovaTunes.