Oliver Stone to make ad for MoveOn Campaign

MUMBAI: Director Oliver Stone has been tapped to make a commercial spot for a campaign that calls for US troops to be pulled out of Iraq, says www.Hollywood.tv founder Sheeraz Hasan.

Conceived by the MoveOn and VoteVets organisations, the campaign will feature a US serviceman or woman, or their relatives, who will discuss the impact the war has had on them. “America needs to listen to our servicemen and women,” Hasan quotes Stone as saying.

The family slated to appear in the commercial will be chosen from approximately 20 finalists in an online vote. Videos of the candidates will appear on MoveOn’s website and the video-sharing site YouTube, says Hasan.

“Stories from veterans and family members have poured in over the past few years and we wanted to provide a platform where they could speak directly to the American people and policy-makers,” MoveOn’s Nita Chaudhary says.

After winning a Purple Heart while serving as a US infantry private in the Vietnam War, Stone used his first-hand experiences as the basis for his Oscar-winning film Platoon. Since then, his Hollywood career has often fueled controversy, with such films as Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, Natural Born Killers and World Trade Center, says Hasan

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