Paramount Digital Entertainment indexes film library


MUMBAI:  Paramount Digital Entertainment  announced the first product offering from the studio’s digital film index –

At launch, clips from over 80 of Paramount Pictures’ films will be available to Paramount licensees. Digitalsmiths, the multi-screen media analysis, operations and publishing technology provider, has utilized its VideoSense(R) technology to index, manage, distribute and further monetize Paramount’s vast digital film library on multiple screens.Using the VideoSense platform, Paramount has launched a fully automated, self-service B2B clip portal for businesses.

Paramount’s licensees can search for any element within the library, a list that includes specific actors, locations or lines of dialogue. VideoSense instantly combs through the collected metadata to locate the relevant clip. That clip can then be reformatted, exported to any platform that plays video, and monetized.

"This new platform enables Paramount to create a ‘digital blueprint’ of our entire film library that can be monetized across an unlimited combination of screens, interactive applications, strategic initiatives and business relationships worldwide," said Paramount Digital Entertainment VP Product Development Geremie Camara. "With the Digitalsmiths technology, we are opening new revenue streams for our premium film and clip library."

For the project, Digitalsmiths applied proprietary video interpretation technologies such as facial recognition, scene classification and closed-captioned time alignment to HD copies of films from the Paramount library. VideoSense will manage the complete workflow from search/discovery to final transcoding and fulfillment.

Digitalsmiths co-founder and chief executive officer Ben Weinberger said, "We are proud of the work we have done for Paramount, which allows the studio to easily build its clip audience by making premium film assets easy to use, easy to view, easy to share and easy to monetize.”