Paramount Home Entertainment licenses Macrovision’s protection technologies


MUMBAI: Paramount Home Entertainment has agreed to license Macrovision’s content protection products, ACP and RipGuard.

ACP and RipGuard provide protection against unauthorized copying of content across packaged media such as DVD as well as electronic channels such as the Internet, cable and DBS.

The license also grants Paramount the right to use Macrovision’s advanced Blu-ray protection technology, BD+. Along with the other technologies, Macrovision’s BD+ provides an additional content protection method for content released on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray format provides consumers with high definition video, a more interactive user experience via BD-Java, and exciting new features available in the most recent Blu-ray players with BD-Live.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Macrovision to preserve Paramount Home Entertainment’s high-quality products. Macrovision’s technologies cover a variety of distribution channels, providing necessary safeguards which benefit both the Studio and the consumer,” said Paramount Home Entertainment worldwide president Kelley Avery.

"As Macrovision continues to add valuable content protection technologies to their suite of solutions, it provides Paramount with valuable methods to protect our content when distributed on DVD and Blu-ray media,” said Paramount Pictures executive vice president worldwide technical operations Chris Carey.

“We are delighted that Paramount has chosen to continue its Macrovision relationship and that Macrovision can aid them in realizing full market value for their content. With our solutions, we believe Paramount will be able to confidently explore a broad set of distribution channels while ensuring a consistent product to its customers,” said Macrovision president and CEO Fred Amoroso.

The agreement is for a multi-year term.