Paramount Pictures films movie in Nicaragua


MUMBAI: Paramount Pictures chose Nicaragua’s San Juan del Sur bay and its surrounding beaches as the ideal locations for its movie, Destination Wedding, filmed during the past two months and which will be presented worldwide in the upcoming months.

According to the film’s director, Nick Weiss, the movie is a romantic comedy where a couple, John and Eliza, interpreted by Christian Cooke and Victoria Goldberg, decide to have a unique wedding in Nicaragua.

In March, the production team visited San Juan del Sur and learned about the Nicaraguan culture, in order to integrate it into the film and reflect it through its folkloric dances, its cuisine and national artists.

Over fifty people traveled from the US to work on set, however, locals also participated on and off set.

The film’s executive producer, Couper Samuelson, stated that Nicaragua offered a unique scenario for the movie. The technical personnel and the actors mentioned to have fallen in love with Nicaragua and its people, because of how welcomed they felt and the support shown by the Nicaraguan Tourism Board (INTUR, for its acronym in Spanish) to successfully conclude the film.

This is Paramount’s first movie filmed in Nicaragua and will not be the last, according to Samuelson.

Mario Salinas, President of INTUR, stated that the movie will help promote Nicaragua as an ideal tourism destination. This film is a clear indication that there is an increasing interest from the U.S. and Europe in this type of audiovisual projects in Nicaragua due to the government’s support, according to Salinas.

Weiss also directed Senior Skip Day, a comedy starring Lary Miller, Gary Lundy and Tara Reid.