Pepsi partners with MyClick for China


Mumbai: Pepsi is tapping into China’s Generation Wow in innovative ways by partnering with pioneering phone snap and click marketer MyClick. Pepsi-Cola has launched its third Pepsi Creative Challenge as part of a 360-degree marketing campaign that will be supported across China on various traditional media, online, and via a breakthrough mobile marketing campaign using MyClick software. The promotion is targeted to Generation Wow consumers primarily in the 12-24 year old range.
With this, Pepsi has implemented one of the most successful multi-media advertising campaigns to date in China. Pepsi has issued a challenge for consumers to upload their photos along with their basic personal data (birth date, mobile number, nickname) on any of the six major portals,,, and, and iPartment. Winners will become the coveted Pepsi Creative Challenge Star on all of Pepsi’s packaging to be featured during the Olympics on Pepsi cans.
To facilitate voting, consumers are encouraged to download MyClick application on the link provided at these portals so that they could access easy voting, blogging and status updates on their submissions. The campaign is being supported with TV advertising and with a major presence at point of sale across a range of retail outlets as well as a host of media partners, including: Web, WAP, MMS and on-ground promotions.
Users can ask their friends to vote for them and they receive three votes for each vote sent via MyClick. MyClick adds value to the Pepsi Creative Challenge and keeps the promotion exciting, relevant and is sure to generate loyalty buzz among Pepsi fans.
"In short, users will be getting a passport to the information they want and it will be on their terms, their schedule and based entirely on their creative input. It’s easy, fast and flexible on an opt-in basis for consumers," said MyClick Media chief technical officer Justin Tsang.
Beginning 1 June, the second phase of the Pepsi Creative Challenge lets participants vote for the short-list finalists. The three winners will be announced and the new Pepsi cans featuring these winners will be in stores during the Olympics.

The move is yet another of Pepsi’s various initiatives to help the brand capitalize on the explosion of user-generated content. Through MyClick, Pepsi consumers can share photos, messages, blogs about what makes them special, and exercise their capacity to express their preference with one click by voting on the Pepsi Creative Challenge Campaign which could well be featured on YouTube.