Pioneer brings DVD download to disc entertainment for consumers


Mumbai: Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. has introduced two DVD/CD computer writers featuring Qflix DVD Download & Burn technology, enabling users to download their favorite movies directly from the Internet to DVD.

As personal computers become media centers for many consumers, the new Pioneer internal DVR-2920Q and external DVR-X162Q DVD/CD writers allow users to take advantage of this exciting technology while expanding their entertainment collections with a tangible, familiar media that will maintain into the future.

Jointly developed by Pioneer and Sonic Solutions, Qflix is an emerging DVD technology that gives consumers the opportunity to purchase licensed Hollywood films, and eventually TV shows, from CinemaNow, some of which have previously been unavailable at retail.

"Consumer adoption of digitally distributed entertainment will happen at a far greater rate than the extinction of the DVD player," said Sonic Solutions executive vice president strategy Mark Ely. "Qflix is an important and necessary bridging technology that allows content owners to deliver a more flexible product that combines the convenience of digital distribution with the permanency and portability of the DVD."

For home audiences who were previously relegated to viewing downloaded content on a small computer screen, Pioneer’s new writers with Qflix technology enables users to preserve digital content for playback on standard DVD players and then watch it on a big screen television. The result is a richer viewing experience that transcends current digital entertainment options.

"Our commitment to enhancing the digital entertainment experience has driven us to expand offerings in new ways, far beyond the traditional computer screen. Now we can provide a packaged media option that can be enjoyed on multiple disc drives or players located throughout a home," said CinemaNow president and COO David Cook. "Being able to offer a selection of feature films that are compatible with Qflix technology, unlocks a dynamic collection of content for consumers who are searching for movies or shows that do not even exist on DVD."

Streamlining the user experience, both Pioneer drives incorporate Roxio’s Venue software that provides simplified management and writing of downloaded digital content. Also included in the software bundle are applications that allow users to back-up and play their disc media on a PC via the Roxio CinePlayer and Easy CD & DVD Burning software.

Besides featuring 20x write speed to DVD-R and +R, the internal DVR-2920Q and external DVR-X162Q writers boast a variety of other sophisticated features for maximum convenience:

* Optimal Write Support – Recognizes the disc media and adjusts the drive’s write speed to ensure the highest quality digital preservation of vital files

* Quiet Drive – Unique interlocking design ensures low acoustic noise by "trapping" the airflow noise generated by the spinning disc

* Improved Durability – Improved chassis insulation helps protect the drive’s internal components from dust and small particles that can hinder the product’s operability and lifespan