Pirates hold their head high at Box Office

At the US Box Office, Universal Pictures latest release, Michael Mann directed Miami Vice took a $ 25.2 million stupendous opening last weekend. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, which was enjoying top position for four consecutive weeks has been toppled down to the number two position thanks to the successful opening of the cop drama.

Made at a budget of $135 million, the film is based on the 1980s popular television series of the same name. Starring Oscar Award winner Jamie Foxx and Colin Farell, the film managed to get director Mann his best opening surpassing his $24.7 million, which he got for his 2004 Tom Cruise starrer Collateral.

However, the Pirates’ producers are not complaining. Though they managed $ 20.4 million revenue in its fourth weekend, their total gross adds up to $358 million. Apart from cementing its position as the top film of 2006 so far, the swashbuckling fun ride is currently enjoying the No. 11 highest grossing domestic movie of all times position. It is also likely to surpass The Passion Of The Christ, Spiderman 2 and The Return of The King before the summer ends. The Pirates have also managed to loot another $ 55 million from overseas to bring its total foreign earnings to $ 305 million and in turn it’s worldwide total a staggering $ 664 million. The movie  has now reached the 25th spot of the all time worldwide hit list.”

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