PLANETwebfoot launches social networking software for music industry

MUMBAI: PLANETwebfoot has launched a social networking platform specific to the music industry: STAGE9 Software.


“Over the past couple of years we recognized the high demand in the marketplace for a completely customizable online solution. By providing a musician or a band with their own interactive online community, the end result will be a more expanded, solidified, and loyal fan base. This in turn leads to higher ticket, album and merchandise revenue. STAGE9 Software allows users real-time access to their favorite musical artists in an exciting and fun online experience,” said PLANETwebfoot CEO Gus Mumby.


PLANETwebfoot has partnered with one of Universal Motown Music’s After Midnight Project. After Midnight Project’s lead singer Jason Evigan said, “As an artist and front man to a rock band, I have to stay close and interactive with my fans. This is the first site that completely makes this possible on every single level. I hang out for hours on there a day!”