Planetwide offers personalized Virgin comics


MUMBAI: Planetwide Media has launched the Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 interactive entertainment software and digital content packs, to be sold in major retail stores and through online retailers.

The new software allows fans and artists to create personalized Virgin Comics comic books featuring Virgin characters created by Deepak Chopra, Shekhar Kapur and much more including Devi, Ramayan 3392AD, The Sadhu, and Virulents.

Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 enables fans to use their imagination and actual Virgin Comics digital content to create personalized comics, storybooks and comic books. Using more than 1,200 screenshots, caption boxes, speech bubbles, audio clips and artwork together with a selection of 500+ professional layout and design templates, users can combine their creations with a personalized storyline to make their own comics. The Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 allows users to easily create and share their Virgin Comics stories by mashing up digital photos, music, sound effects, videos and animation. Users can then print, email or share their user generated Virgin Comics creation on,,,
or their own social network.

Virgin Comics, Chief Marketing Officer, Larry Lieberman said, “Once comics moved faster than a speeding bullet – today they move at the speed of light. Virgin is delighted to be partnering with Planetwide Media to empower the next generation of global comic fans with digital and online platforms that push storytelling and story making into previously impossible collaborative experiences.”

Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 comes bundled with PD Particles, a comprehensive and self-contained painting tool with a focus on Particle Brushes. Virgin comics fans can easily create fascinating original artwork from a variety of illustrations and special effects based on painting with particles and bristles, such as magical lighting effects, hair, fireworks and waterfalls, etc. Another prominent application inside Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 is Audacity, an easy-to-use audio editor and recorder that provides the ability to record live audios, and digitize recordings or sound effects, music, and embed a user’s own narration into their comic book creations. Users will also be able to import, edit and combine sound files with other files or new recordings.

Planetwide Media, President, Kevin Donovan added, “We’re thrilled to offer Virgin Comics fans with the interactivity to create their very own Virgin Comics comic books. Virgin Comics stories, content, and artwork are extraordinary and compelling which will introduce and open creative minds into a new world of diverse cultures from Indian-based legendary stories to other regionalized epic mythologies. Our goal with Virgin Comics is to foster and grow the next generation of comic book creators and fans; energizing a new social and cultural understanding of comic book art and storytelling.”