Pop duo The Green Children sign with Universal Music


Mumbai: The international pop duo – The Green Children – Tom Bevan and Milla Sunde – have recently signed with Universal Music Group and are currently in the studio in Los Angeles with producer Stuart Brawley (Michael Jackson, Don Henley), readying their U.S. debut. This first CD project will be entitled Empower, with marketing, promotion and tour to reflect this title. In keeping with their humanitarian mission, proceeds from the sales of the CD, will be donated towards the education and healthcare efforts in India and Bangladesh, in partnership with the Grameen Bank.

Since forming The Green Children Foundation in 2006, Tom Bevan and Milla Sunde, have been working with 2006 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Professor Muhammad Yunus, who established the Grameen Bank, to help reach the youth of the world and create awareness through their music to raise money for global issues such as poverty, substandard healthcare and lack of education.

The Green Children’s recent fundraising DVD/CD entitled Hear Me Now, released in Norway, sold 100,000 units, and raised over $500,000, which was donated to build the first eye clinic in Bangladesh, where over 1.8 million people are forced into blindness due to eye cataracts. The monumental eye clinic, which opened in May 2008, is already performing cataract surgeries, where the operations have been made available and affordable to the afflicted poor in Bangladesh.