Protecting the King website launched


MUMBAI: With the release of his controversial feature film Protecting The King, Director D. Edward Stanley is reeling audiences in for a closer look with the launch of a new website and electronic storefront 


The site’s compelling graphics, evocative movie clip previews and a special purchase offer for the DVD Protecting The King promise to hook visitors with one mouse click. The website also features an exclusive interview with Stanley who talks candidly about writing and directing a story that chronicles the true events of his own life as the step-brother and youngest bodyguard to Elvis Presley.


“A lot of people remember where they were the day they heard the shocking news of Elvis Presley’s death,” Stanley said. “So much has been said about the last five years of my step-brother’s life that I felt it would be a compelling story to tell by someone who witnessed first hand Elvis’ public and private life. I lived with Elvis for 17 years and was among a handful of people to find him dead on his bathroom floor 16 August, 1977.”


With painstaking accuracy, Protecting The King allows audiences to experience these events through the eyes of then 16-year-old Stanley and is the first film to re-enact the tragic moments of that fateful day. Stanley‘s Protecting The King also provokes a question many would consider unimaginable. Website visitors are challenged to purchase the DVD and decide for themselves. Did Elvis Presley take his own life?


“I believe the lessons I learned from my surreal upbringing with Presley are especially pertinent today in a society where individuals are impacted by many of the same mindsets and behaviors that helped to destroy Elvis and nearly destroyed me 30 years ago,” says Stanley.


In addition to filmmaking, Stanley is a best selling author and dynamic speaker. Since the 1980s Stanley has shared his life lessons with thousands around the world through a set of success conditioning tools he developed called Solutionary Dynamics. His newest program, Blueprinting For Success, teaches audiences how to change their own negative conditioning and mindsets to unlock their full potential personally and professionally.