Pure Play Music partners with HSBC for free music downloads


Mumbai: Pure Play Music and HSBC will team up to provide students free access to music through their "Fresher Sounds" promotion.

The promotion is a scaleable incentive program targeted at students, which will give them free music download vouchers from the world’s emerging artists while simultaneously educating them on student banking services.

The promotion will incorporate on-line Radio and TV streams from Pure Play’s catalogue of artists, as well as Pure Play Music’s Music Download Store where students can redeem free download vouchers given as awards.

Free music download vouchers will be earned by students when they open accounts, take out student loans, meet set savings, levels and more. Free "Fresher Sounds" Student Packs promoting HSBC Student Products and Services, including a 15 track sampler CDs featuring music on the "Fresher Sounds" website, will be made available at every HSBC Bank branch nationwide, from on-campus Student Banking Managers, and by request through the "Fresher Sounds" website.

The "Fresher Sounds" CD packaging will include details of the rewards plan and a scratch-off panel containing a unique code. Students who enter this code in the registration section of the download store will be entitled to fifteen free downloads from the store. Each student who signs up for a student banking account through the "Fresher Sounds" website will be entered into a lottery with the chance of winning 1,000 free downloads.

Existing HSBC student customers will be sent an email announcing the launch of "Fresher Sounds" and will receive a "Fresher Sounds" pack through the post containing a voucher to download 15 free tunes from the Pure Play Music Store. When an existing customer signs up for an additional student product they will receive a bonus 20 free downloads in addition to the rewards already on offer. Moreover, existing customers who refer a friend will receive a reward of 20 free downloads.

"We are excited to align ourselves with HSBC. Our aim is to create a cool virtual community of music loving students where, besides getting their fix of cutting-edge new music, they will be educated to the student banking services offered by HSBC," stated Pure Play Music CEO Alex Grange. "As an added bonus, through this promotion, talented students with their own unsigned bands are exposed to Pure Play Music, which offers them an opportunity to showcase their music on our website and capitalize on our distribution channel."