Qloud launches My Music application on MySpace


Mumbai: Qloud has announced that it launched its My Music Application on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/music_app). Qloud’s My Music application enables MySpace users to import and play entire songs and videos from their complete iTunes library on their MySpace profile for free.

It also allows users to see and play the iTunes libraries of their friends, view and exchange playlists with their friends, browse and play the most popular songs among their friends and social groups, and add songs to their own online libraries.

Empowered by MySpace’s newly announced Developer Platform (http://developer.myspace.com), Qloud was able to easily build, test, and ultimately deploy My Music.

One of the most popular music applications, the My Music application allows users to enjoy a personal library within MySpace while showcasing their favorite songs and artists on their profile. Using the iTunes plugin, users can import their entire iTunes library into MySpace and set their display as either a custom list of favorites, their recently played songs or most played songs from iTunes.

My Music also automatically creates a personal starter library for users as soon as they install the application based on the artists they have listed on their profile. In addition, the application connects users to their friends’ music and allows them to view each friend’s library, as well as view charts of the top tracks played by all their friends.

For those who don’t use iTunes, the My Music application has its own library of over six million songs that users can search, listen, and then add to their own library, playlists and favorite lists — all from inside the application.

"Bringing My Music to MySpace will allow a new group of users to discover and play an unlimited amount of tracks," said Qloud co-founder Mike Lewis. "People, especially MySpace users, want to find even more music whether it’s from bands they’re already familiar with or from their MySpace friends."

As with all MySpace Developer Platform applications, My Music will be able to safely access publicly available profile information including a user’s friend list, interests, photos and albums, video, as well as status and mood.

"Openness has always been critical to MySpace’s success, and My Music perfectly exemplifies the kind of unique and engaging applications we are seeking for the MySpace Developer Platform," said MySpace vice president and general manager Kyle Brinkman.