Q-tec Completes First Installation of RealD’s 3D System in Japan


Mumbai: Q-tec Inc. has announced that it has completed the first domestic installation of 3D cinema system developed by RealD. Q-tec plans to begin the full-scale operation in November.

The number of digital 3D cinema screens in Japan was around 30 at the end of 2007, but there are currently more than 50 screens available as the US film Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D was released on October 25. The number is projected to rise with the expectation of 3D films produced and released in Japan. Q-tec has assessed the needs of production facilities for 3D moviemaking and opened a 3D video editing studio with RealD’s 3D systems. New services such as 2D to 3D conversion and 3D-CG creation will also be offered at the studio.