Qube Cinema integrates Thomson’s Suite


MUMBAI: Thomson announced that Qube Cinema, a key supplier of digital sinema systems, has selected NexGuard, Thomson’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art content security suite, for integration into its DCI compliant D-Cinema and non-DCI E-Cinema servers across the world.
Qube Cinema’s Qube XP D-Cinema and E-Cinema servers will now include NexGuard’s audio and visual forensic watermarking solution. NexGuard combats in-theatre piracy by offering the protection means to identify the date, time and location of illegal camcorder recordings.
The deployment of Qube Cinema servers embedded with the Thomson NexGuard suite begins the first initiative between the two companies. Thomson’s watermarking solution will be embedded into several hundred Qube XP D-Cinema and E-Cinema servers, making Qube Cinema the first company to implement NexGuard in both DCI and E-Cinema systems.
Thomson’s Software and Technology Solutions, VP and head, Jean-Luc Moullet said, “As the most broadly applicable forensic watermarking solution, NexGuard meets the needs of key industry stakeholders, from server manufacturers to movie studios. This partnership offers Qube Cinema a secure way of delivering DCI and E-Cinema content and further strengthens Thomson’s leadership presence in key markets throughout Asia.”
The NexGuard solution for digital cinema exceeds the Digital Cinema Initiative’s (DCI) current content security specifications by providing resistance to illegal camcorder capture and compression. NexGuard also offers server manufacturers flexibility to embed more than the required amount of identification information.
“As we continue to expand our deployment of DCI and E-Cinema servers, Thomson is a valuable partner ensuring that our customers receive full content protection,” said Qube Cinema, co-founder and director, Senthil Kumar.
The NexGuard family of content security solutions has been solely designed to serve the media, entertainment and communication industries, and offers the most wide-ranging line of products to track and secure digital audiovisual content throughout production, post-production, distribution and exhibition.