Qube Is Digital Cinema Partner at Tribeca Film Festival

Mumbai: Qube Cinema has partnered with the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival taking place in New York City from 23 April to 4 May. This initiative is aimed at introducing and exposing independent filmmakers to Qube Cinema and the DCI JPEG2000 format – the global standard for digital cinema.
At the Festival, Qube Cinema will showcase its Qube XP-D DCI compliant digital cinema servers as well as its suite of mastering tools. A 2K DLP Cinema projector and Qube XP-D server will be installed at The Tribeca Performing Arts Center theater where TFF’s premiere red carpet screenings will be held.
Using Qube Cinema’s QubeMaster Pro and QubeMaster Xpress systems, an individual filmmaker can efficiently create their own DCI JPEG2000 from a multitude of file formats. This will allow them instant access to the approximate 7000 digital cinema systems in the world – approximately 5000 of these systems are in the United States (all of which are approved by major studios). It is further anticipated that an additional 10,000 systems will be deployed worldwide over the next 12 months.
"Qube’s interest in independent cinema and recognition of the huge economic impact that this content will make in our industry as digital cinema evolves is compelling. Their support of the independent film community, the efficiency of mastering within the Qube workflow, and the ease of equipment integration will allow of a very productive partnership this year," stated Tribeca Film Festival director of operations Mark Steele.
QubeMaster is rapidly becoming an industry standard for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation. It is used by some of the leading digital cinema facilities in the industry and QubeMaster customers include Technicolor, Ascent Media, IMAX, Arri among others.
Qube Cinema’s end-to-end solutions for digital cinema provide the ultimate combination of quality, reliability, ease-of-use, security and flexibility. Designed from the ground up to operate in mission-critical applications, the architecture of the Qube product family has been conceived with the future in mind and provides an integrated workflow, from mastering to distribution, playback to reporting and archiving.
Being almost entirely software based allows the Qube system to leverage developments in the computer industry and bring to the market format independent, powerful and flexible products.

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