RealD introduces first mobile, single-projector 3D solution


MUMBAI: 3D technology company RealD will introduce the RealD LP (Linear Polarizing Z Screen) to bring the power of 3D to the small screen.

The world’s first mobile, single-projector, passive 3D solution, the RealD LP brings the vibrancy of high-quality 3D to smaller venues such as conference rooms, R&D centers, museum exhibits, mobile education centers, virtual rides and other entertainment attractions. Designed to be set up for individual 3D presentations in minutes, or permanently mounted for long term use, the RealD LP allows the flexibility of switching between 2D and 3D on the fly while alleviating maintenance and other issues of dual-projector 3D systems.

“3D content is more engaging, memorable and productive. The RealD LP creates stunning 3D images for small or medium size audiences anytime, anywhere, bringing new possibilities to using the power of 3D in presentations, product development and virtual attractions,” said RealD president Joshua Greer.

The RealD LP is an externally mounted peripheral for a single 3D-enabled DLP projector, with electronic controls conveniently integrated inside the device. When 3D content is fed to the projector in full-resolution, frame-sequential format, the RealD LP allows content to be seen in 3D by polarizing right- and left-eye images. Viewers wear comfortable, affordable and reusable RealD eyewear custom built for the LP.

Suitable for screens up to 17 feet wide, the RealD LP works with 3D-enabled projectors such as NEC NC800, Christie Mirage HD, and Lightspeed Design HD DepthQ, along with a silver screen from Harkness, MDI or Stewart.