Rentrak adds Blu-Ray disc component to screen media DVD revenue sharing program


MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation has added  a Blu-ray Disc "BD" component to the company’s existing Screen Media DVD revenue sharing program. Screen Media Ventures is one of the largest independent suppliers of high quality motion pictures to US and international broadcast markets, cable networks, home video outlets and new media venues.

According to Rentrak’s Home Video Essentials, BD rental revenue increased 62% to $203 million during the first half of 2009, and is projected to experience a growing share of the overall rental market in the years ahead. As this transition to high definition continues, revenue sharing programs will play a key role in growing consumer adoption of the format. Rentrak’s Pay-Per-Transaction (PPT) program enables rental retailers to pay a small up-front fee to stock the widest array of popular home entertainment titles to help meet growing demand for Blu-ray content.

"With more independent retailers looking to grow their footprint in Blu-ray rental, Rentrak is excited to announce yet another content supplier establishing a revenue sharing option. Increasing the number of outlets with a Blu-ray selection will give consumers the confidence they need to accelerate the adoption and growth of the format," said Rentrak SVP sales and customer relations, home entertainment division Tim Erwin.

"We are excited to expand our relationship with Rentrak to include the rapidly growing Blu-ray format. Rentrak’s unique business model and strong relationships with hundreds of independent retailers will help us expand our Blu-ray market share," said Screen Media president Robert Baruc.

The first Screen Media title available under the new BD program through Rentrak is Lymelife, starring Alec Baldwin, Emma Roberts, Jill Hennessy, and Timothy Hutton. Lymelife will be available to rent 22 September, 2009.