Rentrak and NPD Group partner to provide 360 degree view of VOD Users

MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation has entered into a partnership with The NPD Group, to provide a holistic view of Video-On-Demand (VOD) users in the VOD Consumer Profiles report which uses a combination of behavioral, usage and consumer profile data on topics such as free-on-demand (FOD), transactional-on-demand (TOD), demographics, other media usage, purchase and rental behavior.  

The VOD Consumer Profiles report analyzed two consumer groups: VOD Users and Enabled Non-VOD Users and then compared the two categories to the total population, ages 13+ from the 10,000 respondents to this survey. The data comes from The NPD Group’s  Entertainment Trends in America study, which concluded in March 2010.

"Our partnership with The NPD Group has allowed Rentrak to create a knowledge-based report that can be used as the industry resource to quantifiably answer key questions regarding VOD consumers," said  Rentrak Corporation vice president Syndication Kristie Fortner. "The combination of  the VOD Consumer Profiles and State of VOD Trend Report 2009 reports answer where and how VOD users watch movies; if the VOD user purchases more or fewer movies across different formats; and the types of devices that are most used to rent or purchase content."

These three exclusive reports, not available anywhere else, provide a 360 degree view of the video-on-demand industry:Overall and VOD content type usage trends from Jan ’07 – December ’09, growth for the top five free-on-demand categories (Kids, Music, TV Entertainment, Movies and The Cutting Edge), analysis of two consumer groups, enabled consumers vs. active consumers, demographics of VOD users including age, age by gender, ethnicity, household income, education level, household size and presence of children and time spent with other media and entertainment activities.