Rentrak expands revenue sharing deal with Warner Home Video


MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation has expanded its agreement with Warner Home Video to offer for the first time Blu-ray Disc titles with its revenue sharing program.

The newly-inked deal significantly increases the amount of Blu-ray Disc content available to retailers participating in Rentrak’s Pay-Per-Transaction (PPT) system.

Rentrak’s expanding Blu-ray Disc title offering comes at a time when consumers are interacting with the format more than ever before. According to Rentrak’s Home Video Essentials service, consumer rental spending on Blu-ray Discs increased 49% from last year. Revenue sharing through Rentrak enables Warner greater market penetration at the "rentailer" level while ensuring all retailers have access to Blu-ray Disc releases from Warner commensurate with consumer demand for the format.

"Warner has developed an impressive track record with respect to creating and marketing film properties that resonate with the consumer. We are thrilled to be able to offer both Warner’s DVD and Blu-ray Disc new release content to retailers participating in our revenue sharing program," said Rentrak president of the home entertainment division Marty Graham.