Rentrak opens Spain as its first European VoD market


MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation has signed an exclusive, long-term multi-platform video-on-demand (VOD) reporting agreement with Digital+, Spain’s leading audiovisual (broadband TV) provider.

Digital+ (PRISA Group’s audiovisual holding company) was the first company to introduce interactive systems, including digital television and VOD, and is now leading the charge for better measurement in the digital television space in Spain. This agreement marks a significant move for Rentrak as the company expands its Advanced Media and Information (AMI) services to international territories to complement Rentrak’s international box office measurement business.

"Rentrak is using its expertise and insights from our domestic VOD business and expanding the reporting to include measurement of on-demand content across all devices in Spain. Rentrak is proud to have been selected by Digital+ to be the third-party source for measuring its digital platforms. We look forward to providing the census-level measurement that will allow Digital+ and other operators in Spain to fully monetize their expanding digital footprint," said Rentrak corporate president and president of the AMI division Cathy Hetzel.