Rentrak signs deals with Cinetic Rights Management to track on-demand movie content


MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation has signed a contract with Cinetic Rights Management (CRM), a distributor specializing in digital content aggregation and delivery, to provide advanced on-demand measurement via Rentrak’s OnDemand Essentials system.

FilmBuff, CRM’s movies-on-demand service, curates the best in original content for online audiences regardless of their viewing platform. As one of the largest and most successful suppliers of digital entertainment content, FilmBuff is carried on leading platforms across North America and Europe through its partnerships with cable, satellite and telco companies, game consoles, online retailers, wireless platforms, and hardware manufacturers.

"Rentrak provides access to timely usage data that is an essential tool for us to maximize the potential revenues of our films," said Cinetic Rights Management CEO Janet Brown.

"As the on-demand platform continues to flourish with the addition of new content offerings, we are pleased to be working with Cinetic Rights Management. It is Rentrak’s role as the industry’s measurement currency to provide robust measurement and analysis via OnDemand Essentials so our customers can better understand and market this dynamic sector of the media and entertainment industry," said Rentrak senior vice president of National Network Sales, Advanced Media and Information (AMI) division Carol Hinnant.

Rentrak’s OnDemand Essentials processes daily, census-level on-demand data representing over 80 million set-top-boxes from 38 cable, telco and satellite providers and 100% of the top-25 operators offering video-on-demand. Rentrak’s extensive on-demand data is used by more than 150 network and studio clients.