Roney Giah signs record deal with Astranova Records


MUMBAI: The Brazilian composer, singer and guitar player Roney Giah has signed a record deal with British Label Astranova Records for the release of a CD compilation entitled "Yesterday’s tomorrow."

Promoting this compilation, Astranova is releasing podcast shows which will reach 1000s of subscribers in 107 countries. "Yesterday’s tomorrow" includes seven tracks from "Semente – Seed" – (1998), six tracks from "Mais dias na Terra – More days on Earth" – (2006), one teaser-track of the yet-to-be released "Na mira do coice" – (2009), including a bonus track exclusively produced for the compilation.

The record company’s interest started when Roney Giah’s compositions "Amar Com E" and "A Chuva," from second CD "More days on Earth" were selected for’s "Track of the Day," which is an American site that has Sir George Martin, Beatles former producer, as chairman of their advisory board. The invitation to be part of the label’s team came from Astranova executives Scott Hill (CEO) and Alex Catillo (A&R) who were deeply impressed with the originality of Roney Giah’s music.

"By creating an international network of outstanding creative artists, we are building a worldwide reputation for quality and originality offering listeners a wide variety of world fusion music. We celebrate Roney Giah’s arrival on Astranova," said Scott Hill.

In addition to Astranova’s compilation "Yesterday’s tomorrow," Giah composed the song "Translate the world (It doesn’t make too much sense)," featured on the soundtrack of the American production "No pain, no gain," a movie exhibited in 250 movie theaters in the United States, and recently launched in Brazil.

Defining his music as Brazilian Rock’n World, Roney Giah stretches the possibilities of combining arrangements and textures. Acoustic nylon guitar lives together with zabumbas (Brazilian percussions), drive guitars, brass ensembles and body percussions in his second CD "More days on earth," pre-selected for 2006 Brazilian TIM Award and 2006 Latin Grammy.

Drawing more dedicated fans internationally year by year, Giah graduated from The Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, in 1993. There, he studied with legendary musicians Joe Pass, Joe Diorio, Norman Brown, Cat Gray, Scott Henderson. Furthermore, Giah has studied with the Brazilian Maestro Cláudio Leal Ferreira and the renowned Latin jazz group Zimbo Trio.

Giah’s 1998 debut album "Semente" (Seed), largely instrumental, was nominated for Brazil’s 1998 Sharp Award. As a guitarist he was finalist at Brazil’s 1998 Visa Instrumental Award and won a second place at the Berklee / Souza Lima Festival in his hometown São Paulo.