SeeqPod Music releases iPhone-music search


MUMBAI: SeeqPod, Inc., a search and discovery technology company, which allows users to instantly play search results, release a new iPhone widget, developed specifically to be interoperable with Apple’s Safari browser.

The widget enables iPhone users to search for, discover and play music from the Internet. Users can now enjoy listening to and sharing music freely via SeeqPod Music on a variety of mobile devices, such as the LG CU500 or the Samsung Blackjack.

Originally developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) SeeqPod’s technology, based on a biomimetic approach, works by mimicking the way the human brain processes information and creates associations, and can be applied to most any vertical industry such as music, music video, sports, celebrities, health or finance. Backed by angel investors, the current version of SeeqPod Music Search and Discovery beta launched in May 2007, and has just launched its company blog,

SeeqPod’s music widgets leapfrog storage limitations unique to most mobile devices while allowing users to access and share playlists on the spot within most any social network. Users can create playlists at, which then can be viewed, played and shared using any of the SeeqPod widgets on the iPhone, other mobile devices, or any computer.