Shakira to release special US edition of album She Wolf


MUMBAI: Shakira is set to release a special U.S. only edition of her third English language studio album, She Wolf, on 23 November , 2009.


 The special U.S. edition of She Wolf will include bonus tracks that are available for the first time anywhere all on one disc such as Give It Up to Me, Did It Again and exclusive live performances.


For this studio album, Shakira took her pop fusion sound, which

blends pop with sounds from all over the globe, to a new level.

While she was the primary producer of She Wolf, Shakira collaborated with several creative talents to co-write and produce on the album including The Neptunes, John Hill and Wyclef.


Spending more than a year writing songs, Shakira was deeply involved in every step of the creative process. "This was a sonic experimental trip," said Shakira. "I wanted to play around with electronica, beats, synthesizers and I began to research folk from other countries looking for new influences that allowed me to combine electronics with world sounds, tambourines, clarinets, oriental and Hindu music, dancehall, etc."


The album features a predominantly English track listing.