Short film Broken sells over 4,000 units

Hollywood,FL:He is being called “the next big thing.” The name is Alex Ferrari and his indie movie is called Broken. A gun blast, a flash of light, and a young woman awakens to the comfort of her own bed. Bonnie Clayton has it all, a great relationship, a challenging career, and the burden of a dream that grows more vivid and disturbing with each passing night. But when Bonnie is abducted by a sadistic stranger and his colorful entourage, she discovers that the key to her survival lies within the familiar realms of her recurring dream.

Broken is an example that just re-affirms the fact that indie does not mean crap. A filmmaker can make a good movie regardless of budget if they don’t compromise and set out to make a good film. This $8,000 dollar film looks as good as Sin City, Fight Club and the Matrix combined. The 19 minute short film has over 100 visual effects (done by VFX House Numb Robot – and has sparked a revolution in the indie film community on what can be done with little or no money.

When you consider the fact the budget was so small these guys have taken indie to an all new level. They have single handedly taken indie to the next level showing that great film makers can work with any budget. The industry is saying that they can see these guys doing a huge summer block buster on a peanuts budget and making a studio a lot of money, as well as pleasing the audience.

Roger Ebert even reviewed this little juggernaut of a film: “Broken is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques…effective and professional. Looking forward to Broken: The Feature. – Roger Ebert (Film Critic Chicago Sun-Times) With a grassroots marketing campaign, the designed the mother of all indie film DVDs. With over 3 hours of features and 6 commentary tracks, it is a must for any DVD library.

The DVD is a film school for those interested in how to put together a good film with little money. Machine gun fire, thrown knives, fight’s amazing. The choreography was story-boarded and executed perfectly. The DVD load menus put to shame most big-budget film releases. The full-length feature is coming soon but in the meantime go to their website to learn more about Alex and Jorge’s work, team, The Enigma Factory, and Fortuity Films. These guys have already sold well over 4000 units independently through their website: and have a legion of fans that follow everything they do.

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