Sonic provides broader access to digital Hollywood hits


MUMBAI: Consumers will soon have more ways to conveniently access premium digital video content, including new releases from major Hollywood studios often on the same day the DVD is available in stores.

On the heels of the announcement that its Roxio CinemaNow service is live on Blu-ray Disc players from LG Electronics, providing consumers instant access to digital entertainment in the living room, Sonic Solutions revealed that Roxio CinemaNow will be available on select devices at Best Buy and instantly accessible through

These latest initiatives are part of a broader strategy to increase awareness for Roxio CinemaNow, build a compelling digital entertainment ecosystem and expand its reach onto a broad range of home and mobile electronics.

"The exposure Roxio CinemaNow gains through leading CE device manufacturers like LG and top retailers like Best Buy will help educate millions of consumers about the convenience and flexibility of digitally delivered video entertainment. Consumers will be captivated once they discover just how easy it is to stream their favorite movies to their CE device or PC," said Sonic Solutions president and CEO Dave Habiger.

Roxio CinemaNow offers a broad selection of regularly updated premium content, including new releases from major Hollywood studios for rent or purchase. As well as providing access to Hollywood hits, Roxio CinemaNow offers a rapidly expanding ecosystem of compatible devices that provides consumers a more flexible digital entertainment experience through extended multi-device access and playback capabilities.

Sonic is at the forefront of digital video distribution, offering Hollywood movies, TV shows and music videos to consumers across multiple platforms. Sonic has relationships with more than 250 content providers and a content portfolio of over 14,000 titles that include new releases from major Hollywood studios and entertainment from independent distributors as well as broadcast and cable television networks.